See you at BASE MILANO from April 12th, 2016
The installation created by Pixartprinting has a simple aim, that of gifting you with a moment of wonder.
A complex project of surprising simplicity: technology and matter designed for the viewer’s pleasure, a continuous metamorphosis from white to harmonious colours, an organic transformation from a near-invisible cell to a complex organism that can steal your soul. The installation aims to attract spectators and bring them to a privileged point of view from which to witness a unique and extraordinary event that is enchanting and hypnotising.
A project by Pixartprinting
Designed and created by Pixartprinting and Dadomani studio

@BASE MILANO - Milan from 12/04


PLEASURE WILL STEAL YOUR SOUL, and if that was not enough, it also treasures your reactions. Design feeds itself off desires, creativity is a never-ending dialogue: at BASE Milano your wonder is a constant live feed which nourishes the installation and becomes part of it. If you peer into pleasure, pleasure peers into you back.


The wait is over, the blossom opened: PLEASURE WILL STEAL YOUR SOUL is already dazzling its first viewers. The sense of wonder is a reality, a tangible atmosphere for you to joyfully surrender to.


Wonder lasts for an instant, but in that instant can strike an infinity of chords. That’s when complexity hides within a sparkle: it happens in this project too. For PLEASURE WILL STEAL YOUR SOUL, technology and substance become pleasure, white gives way to the harmony of colours, a near-invisible cell evolves. And with simplicity steals your soul.